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This page was last updated on 22 March 2021

Turning Policy Into Law is a quick reference guide for officials involved in instructing the PCO.

The guide covers:

  • the key steps in a standard process for Bills
  • the roles of instructors, drafters, and other key people involved at each step
  • tips for how to work best with others at key steps
  • more detailed FAQs that address particular issues that instructors regularly encounter
  • a kit for instructions including templates and a planner for timing on Bills.

Using the Step-by-Step Guide graphic

To get started, click on the Step-by-Step Guide graphic. It will walk you through the legislative process, from idea to Bill to Act, or you can jump to whatever point you are interested in.

We recommend using the graphic in any browser other than Internet Explorer.

Other content

You can then:

  • get more detail from the FAQs—there are links to relevant FAQs at many points within the guide
  • use the Instruction Kit for:
    • building blocks for a solid foundation
    • templates for drafting instructions (Bill and secondary legislation) and a Bill planner that sets out the steps from instructions to introduction
    • contact details for drafting team managers and the Publication Manager
  • check the meaning of terms in the Glossary
  • find information from other providers under External Resources
  • print all the text from the Step-by-Step Guide, or view it as a single document: see Whole Step-by-Step Guide (Text Only)
  • return to the main document under Step-by-Step Guide in the top menu.

Secondary legislation

At present the guide’s main focus is Bills. But it contains information about developing secondary legislation as well:

We will build on this area over time.

Your feedback

We are keen to hear how well this resource meets your needs, so we can refine and develop it further. Please send your feedback to

Recent updates

Substantive updates to Turning Policy Into Law are listed here.