This page was last updated on 17 March 2021

A bid is a proposal for a Bill to be included in the legislation programme.
Bill of rights vet, BORA vet
The Ministry of Justice scrutinises all Bills (with the exception of appropriation Bills, which are not scrutinised, and Bills developed by the Ministry of Justice, which are vetted by the Crown Law Office) to see whether they are consistent with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (BORA). See Bill of Rights compliance reports on the Ministry of Justice website for more information.
Business Committee
See information about the Business Committee on the Parliament website.
See information about Cabinet on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website.
Cabinet Manual
See the Cabinet Manual on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website.
certificate for secondary legislation
A drafter certifies that secondary legislation is in order for submission to Cabinet. See more information at FAQ 2.2 When and why does PCO certify secondary legislation?.
Committee of the whole House/committee stage
See Committee of the whole House in the Step-by-Step Guide, and information about the Committee of the whole House on the Parliament website.
disclosure statement
See information about disclosure statements at FAQ 1.19 Is there a template for a disclosure statement and how do they get published?
Executive Council
See information about the Executive Council on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website.
New Zealand Gazette. See details on the Gazette website.
Legislation Design and Advisory Committee. See the LDAC website.
Cabinet Legislation Committee. See more information on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website.
legislation programme
See information about the legislation programme in the Cabinet Manual.
legislative statement
A paper presented by a Minister in charge of a Bill under Standing Order 272. See information about legislative statements at FAQ 1.19A Do I need to prepare a legislative statement and what information should the statement contain?
Regulatory impact statement. See more information at FAQ 1.6 Do I have to do a regulatory impact statement?
RT Bill
Revision tracked Bill, prepared at select committee to show the changes that were agreed to by the committee.
Revision tracked SOP, prepared to show changes that are made for consideration by Committee of the whole House (in place of an SOP).
select committee
See information about select committees on the Parliament website.
Supplementary Order Paper, sets out proposed amendments to a Bill. It may be in the name of a member of Parliament or a Minister. An SOP may also set out a proposal to divide a Bill.
Standing Orders
See the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives on the Parliament website.